Choosing the best eyeglass frames might seem like a daunting task at first, since there are a lot to choose from and you’ll want to have one that best suits your facial features. To help you in choosing the perfect fit, an optometrist in Indianapolis can share their expert advice on what factors and points to remember.

Portrait of a woman wearing many eyewear.

Matching to your Face Shape

Eyeglasses come in different frames to account for the many different face shapes. The Vision Council advise everyone to consider these three main points when choosing the best eyeglass frame suited for your face shape:

  • The frame’s shape should be able to compliment your face shape;
  • The frame’s size should fit and be in scale with the size of your face; and
  • The glasses should be able to enhance your best facial feature.

There are seven basic face shapes, each having a different frame shape that should fit best. Essentially, the tip is to simply get the frame shape that compliments your face.

For instance, round-faced people are advised to get angular narrow eyeglasses to make their face appear thinner and longer, while oval-shaped faces are advised to get frames that are as wide as the broadest part of their face. Square-faced people are better off with narrower frames or narrow oval frames to make their faces look longer and softer, while oblong-shaped faces go with frames having more depth than width to make their faces look balanced.

Choosing the Best Color

Eyeglasses also come in a variety of colors—you name it, they have it. You can choose the one with your favorite color, but to really look your best, you should also consider the colors of your eyes, hair, and skin. For example, if your best feature is your eye color, choosing black eyeglasses can work best in highlighting and outlining them. Many people have several pairs of glasses in different colors to compliment their various outfits.

There’s also no problem in choosing the color that’s in season. For women, aquamarine, glacier gray, strawberry ice, and Lucite green are among the colors that are in style, while titanium, sandstone, and dusk blue are in for men. In the end, when choosing eyeglasses in Indianapolis, what matters most is to choose one that truly helps improve your vision. Of course, having one that flatters your appearance and helps you create a personal statement shouldn’t hurt as well. You can choose among the array of trendy and stylish eyeglasses in Indianapolis from optometrists, like those from Moody Eyes.


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