Your Child’s Eye Exam

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Your child’s eye exam with your optometrist in Indianapolis will determine if they need glasses or contacts.  An eye exam will also analyze how your child’s eyes work as a team and evaluate the health of their eyes and vision system. Your child’s eye exam is a very important part of their health care. Regular eye exams, just like regular visits to the dentist and pediatrician, are one of the steps to taking care of your child’s health.

If glasses or contact lenses are needed, one of our professional opticians will help you and your child select frames they will love to wear. Shopping for frames can be fun. Trying on new glasses. Choosing a style and color. We are there to guide you at every step.

Lens Materials

All children under the age of 19 should wear polycarbonate lenses. These lenses are very impact resistant; they protect the eyes from most accidents. These lenses should have anti-scratch and anti-glare coatings.

Frame Materials

Plastic frames are durable and lightweight, making them a great option for a child who needs glasses. Plastic will not dent if dropped. If you do choose a metal frame, it is best if they are flexible. Always start with the bridge of the frames. If your child’s nose doesn’t fit the frame then it will never really be comfortable to wear.

Frame Color and Shape

Choosing the color and shape of frames is an activity after your child’s eye exam is very important. Some ideas:

  • Children with a round face shape may benefit from square or cat’s eye shaped frames
  • Children with an oval or heart shaped face may do well with rounder frames and lenses.
  • Plastic frames come in many color combinations and some even include rhinestones or other decorative touches.
  • Metal frames come in shades of silver, gold, black, and bronze.

Proper Fit and Adjustments for Your New Glasses

Your Indianapolis optometrist or eye care professional will measure your child’s pupillary distance, bridge width and general face size to help you choose a frame that fits well after your child’s eye exam. When wearing metal eyeglass frames many people prefer silicon nose pads. These pads help keep the glasses in place while your child is active.

Most children’s eyeglass frames come with spring hinges. These help keep the frames in adjustment when your child takes the glasses on and off a lot.

We have special eyeglass frames for infants. They are very durable and have special design elements to help your child keep their glasses in place. These include an elasticar pieces that fits around the back of the child’s head.

Schedule Your Child’s Eye Exam

Your child’s eye exam is the first step in taking great care of their vision. Annual eye exam from an Indianapolis eye doctor are recommended, even if they do not complain of eye problems. Remember, children do not compare vision with others. They believe everyone sees like they do. The only way to be sure is to schedule your child’s eye exam every year.

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