A substantial rise in blue light exposure, which is a side effect of more access to technology such as mobile devices and tablets, is pushing eye health experts to advocate for increased awareness on the topic. In an article published on the health reference website Healio, Gary L. Morgan used the current habits of numerous children as an example to illustrate the urgency of the issue:

“Today, due to the proliferation of electronic devices, kids 8 to 18 years old are spending 7.5 hours per day viewing LED backlit screens,” Morgan said. “Depending on age, these kids have short arms and are holding smartphones and tablets close to their eyes. They have large pupils, allowing more of the blue light emitted to enter their eyes, and they have not developed any significant ocular lens pigment (OLP), allowing blue light to enter at full strength. Will this lead to an earlier incidence of AMD in the future?”

Need Increases To Educate Patients Offer Protection Against Blue Light
Blue light is emitted by electronic screens and energy-efficient light bulbs which are now commonly used by millions of people worldwide. Prolonged exposure, especially at night, has been linked to disorders like obesity, diabetes, and even cancer, as well as disrupted sleep which can worsen depression. Exposure also makes the eyes vulnerable to damage such as macular degeneration and other retinal diseases. Experts believe that blue light damage should be a concern given the current widespread use of electronics, but many people remain unaware of the issue.

Certain groups such as those who use their computers for more than three hours a day, nighttime workers, children who play and study on their tablets, and post-cataract patients face an increased risk of light damage, and it is doubly important that they are informed about the negative effects of blue light exposure. Consulting with an informed optometrist in Indianapolis such as Penn Moody can help patients learn more about blue light and how to safeguard their eyes from its potential long-term effects.

Fortunately, advances in medical technology have led to a broad spectrum of choices that offer protection from blue light. For those who are interested in getting blue-blocking contact lenses or eyeglasses in Indianapolis, going to specialist practices such as Moody Eyes can help people arrive at the best decisions, taking into account their ages, lifestyles, risk factors, and even aesthetic considerations.

(Source: Need increases to educate patients, offer protection against blue light, Healio)