Your eyes are one of the most delicate organs of your body, so you would do well to take good care of them or risk losing your vision. A person’s eyes can suffer from a wide range of disorders, infections, and diseases, and an article posted on the KGUN 9 website dated October 16, 2014 discusses how Sjögren’s syndrome can adversely affect one’s ocular organs. The autoimmune disease attacks exocrine glands, such as the lacrimal glands that produce tears, which can leave those afflicted with dry and irritated eyes. The article has more helpful information on the disease:


If you have dry skin, dry hair and even dry eyes, for most of us, it usually goes away, but for some it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, it could mean you have something more serious. Until now, it’s been difficult for doctors to pinpoint what’s happening.  But you could have Sjögren’s. Not everyone who has it, has the same symptoms.  And that’s not good, because if left un-treated, Sjögren’s can lead to serious kidney, liver and joint problems as well as some cancers.

“Sjögren’s is an autoimmune disorder where the cells of the body are attacking the moisture producing glands,” said Dr. Arusha Gupta, Opthamologist

And 5 percent of people who have it develop lymphoma. But now a blood test has been designed to detect Sjögren’s, almost immediately.  That’s important because it can lead to quicker treatment for those who don’t know they have it.

Although there is yet to be a cure for Sjögren’s syndrome, it can be managed around with proper care. Typically, if you are suffering from any sort of eye disease or symptom, you could approach an ophthalmologist in Indianapolis for treatment, but you should get another opinion and diagnosis first before seeking medication of any sort. You should see an optometrist first, like Penn Moody, OD of Moody Eyes, to have your eyes thoroughly checked.

While optometrists are not strictly doctors, they do specialize in the correction of vision problems. Optometrists are the experts you visit to have new glasses or contact lenses prescribed. They usually first inspect the quality of their clients’ vision before testing for anything else, and if they find an anomaly, they will be quick enough to recommend their clients to a reputable ophthalmologist for immediate treatment, if the disorder is treatable. A visit to the optometrist can save you from having to see an ophthalmologist by mistake, especially if your case is not something ophthalmology can completely treat, like Sjögren’s. The next time you wish to visit an eye doctor in Indianapolis for your condition, do not forget to first have the opinion of an optometrist, especially if your vision is suffering.

(Source: Dry eyes could indicate a serious disease,, Oct. 16, 2014)