State Optical Frames – American Made Luxury You Will Love

State Optical Logo with the 23 Dots Representing Illinois as the 23rd State 

Don’t you think it’s about time we had a true luxury brand made right here in America? Now we do. State Optical frames are American made luxury you will love to wear.  With unparalleled attention to detail, they are designed and made in Chicago.

What makes these frames so amazing? Don’t take my word for it…come in and try them on:

The Hinges Are Designed Solely for State Optical

Not just any hinge…even a quality hinge. Scott Shapiro, the CEO of State Optical, wanted a hinge that was designed and manufactured specifically for his luxury frames. When you flex the temples on these frames you will see why. Compare them to any of our other frames and you will find there is little give or play in them.

The Temples are Shaped to the Contour of Your Head

Our heads are not square because they are typically a bit wider around the temples then they are by the ears. Most frame manufacturers make temples the same thickness for their whole length, but not State Optical. These temples are thicker at the hinge for stability, thinner through the middle, and then thicker again at the ears. This gives the frame strength and stability at the hinge but makes it much more comfortable to wear because of how it fits around your head. This might cause them to fit a little snugly when you try them on but, once they are adjusted, you will notice the improved comfort.

Each Frame is Hand Polished to Bring Out the Colors

Each frame is hand polished and buffed to bring out the colors and give it an extremely smooth surface. Most frames are buffed in rotating polished drums. While this saves time and costs, hand buffing allows each frame to be individually finished.

Each Frame Comes with a 2-Year Warranty

While our frames routinely come with a 1-year warranty, the quality of these frames is supported by a 2-Year warranty. You can purchase one of these frames with confidence that you will be able to enjoy wearing it without worry.

These Are the Best Made Frames Dr. Moody has Ever Seen

During over 40 years of practice Dr. Moody has seen, tried, and worn frames from all types of manufacturers. This includes such well known brands as Ray Ban and Gucci to private brands and even to budget frames. This experience has convinced him to focus on independent frame lines that offer great design and quality at an amazing price. State Optical Frames – American made luxury you will love is a collection that raises the bar. Stop in and try them on…you will see the difference.

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Moody Eyes is not Your Typical Eye Care Practice

The Moody Eyes Logo with the two O's shaped into a pair of glasses.

As you walk into Moody Eyes you realize immediately this is not your typical eye care practice.

A pleasant aroma and jazz music fill the air.

A staff member greets you warmly, asking, “Welcome to Moody Eyes. How can I help you?”

Since you scheduled your eye exam online from our website and filled out the necessary forms online, the check-in is easy. As a result, your vision plan authorization has already been pulled, and there is only one page to fill out.

Your Eye Exam

Your wait time is brief…a technician gets your exam started soon after you arrive. You are seated in an exam room after some additional information is gathered and a few tests are run.

Your doctor takes time to go over your exam results and make recommendations. Then, you are given the opportunity to ask questions before leaving the exam room to the optical area. A staff member is waiting to help you.

Choosing Frames You Will Love to Wear

Hundreds of frame styles are arranged on tables, making it easy to try them on. Your optician has selected 5 frames to help you get started, making it easy to discover the perfect fit and style. You learn that Moody Eyes specializes in independent brands that offer great design and quality at an amazing price.

Your fees are explained clearly and concisely with no tricks or gimmicks. You realize you can afford to purchase the polarized sunglasses you have been wanting to use when you drive and on the vacation you’re planning.

This all takes less than an hour…the Moody Eyes 50-Minute Experience.

Picking Up Your New Glasses

A few days later you receive a call that your glasses are ready, so you schedule a dispensing reservation. It only takes a few minutes to have them professionally adjusted because they were ready when you arr You are excited about your new style and clear vision.

You realize now why Moody Eyes is not your typical eye care practice:

  • The whole experience was easy and comfortable.
  • You feel well cared for and your questions were answered.
  • The fees were surprisingly affordable.
  • This all took less than an hour.

You decide Moody Eyes is the right place for you…you tell your friends…


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One Practice – 3 Locations

Dr. Moody Gets His Eyes Examined

Dr. Moody Gets His Eyes Examined

Dr. Moody Has His Eyes Examined

Recently a colleague asked me, “When was the last time you had an eye exam?” Since it had been a couple of years, I decided it was time for Dr. Moody has his eyes examined.

Dr. Jessica Lambert joined Moody Eyes in June 2018. She graduated from Indiana University School of Optometry in 2013. She then did a fellowship in ocular disease in Florida. Recently, she worked in a medical practice in Richmond, Indiana. I looked forward to hearing what she would find during my eye exam.

Eye Tests Do Not Have to Be Scary

The first thing was to bring my eye exam records up-to-date, followed by a case history and some preliminary tests to gather information for Dr. Lambert. While I was seated in the exam chair, I looked around for a few minutes. It occurred to me how intimidating the exam instruments can appear from the patient’s viewpoint. I am thinking of ways to reduce patient’s fear of the eye exam tests.

Maintaining Eye Contact Can Be a Challenge with Electronic Medical Records

Dr. Lambert walked in, greeted me, and sat down at the desk. With her fingers on the keyboard, she proceeded to go through the information her assistant had gathered. As I answered each question, she typed my response into the computer. This made me think of how much time I spend typing and how difficult it is to maintain eye contact when with a patient.

Dilation is Important

Because I had my eyes dilated, I had to wait about 20 minutes. The office became very bright and somewhat blurry as the drops took effect. It took about 2 hours for this to wear off so I could see patients in the afternoon.

A Review of the Findings is Necessary

Dr. Lambert went over the findings with me at the end of her exam:

  • I have some signs of my hypertension in my retina blood vessels, a reminder to keep my doctor’s appointments and take my medicine.
  • I have the beginnings of cataracts, which is typical for my age.
  • My glasses prescription has changed. Dr. Lambert explained that I was probably taking my glasses off and on more because of how my prescription has changed.

Small Prescription Changes Can Make a BIG Difference

I picked out a new frame and ordered glasses. When I put them on about a week later I was amazed. Even though my prescription only needed a tune up, I saw more clearly and my eyes were much more comfortable with the new lenses. This experience reminded me of how even small prescription changes can make a big difference.

When was the last time you had your eyes examined?

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Spring Cleaning Frame Sale

Spring Cleaning Frame Sale


There are always new frame styles being released. Just like with other accessories, eyewear fashion trends evolve. So, it’s time for our Spring Cleaning Frame Sale. You can save money on new glasses while we make room for new Spring styles…


Southpointe Office Only – RayBan Frames $125

Select from designs by this classic eyeglass frame company


Downtown Office Only – Mo Eyewear Frames $125

Fashion forward frames by Spain’s #1 eyeglass frame company…they even outsold RayBan

You can’t go wrong with either of these frame lines. They are two of our most popular frame lines. Well designed and made with quality materials for excellent fit and long lasting comfort, you will enjoy wearing these. We have special pricing to clean out room for new styles we have coming in later this Spring.

  • Pick up a new pair for a different style option – for your different activities, styles, and moods
  • Prescription sunglasses – our patients love their RX sunglasses
  • Buy a pair of prescription computer glasses – if you spend over 4 hours per day on your device you will love having a pair

We recently surveyed our patients, friends, and others. This project revealed that most people would like 3 pairs of glasses…one for regular wear, one for fun, and one pair of sunglasses. Add to your collection during our sale.

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4 Things About Buying Eyeglasses

 Selection of Eyeglasses

4 Things About Buying Eyeglasses


Buying glasses can be very confusing. Many optical retailers advertise a low price and then sell you options and high pressure. At Moody Eyes we use simplified pricing to make it easy for you to understand and save money. Here are 4 things you need to know about buying eyeglasses:

#1 – Buy One – Get One Free is not a deal

Of course, you know the second one is not really “free”. They build the cost of both pairs into the price of the first pair. Then they charge you for every option, often for each pair.. It is easy to spend more than you would for two pairs at Moody Eyes.


#2 – 50% OFF is not really 50% OFF

When an eyeglass store or online retailer regularly promotes big discounts then you can be sure their initial “list” price is much higher than it needs to be. Buying glasses at one of these “sales” is another easy way to pay more than you should.

#3 – Costco and Sam’s Club are Not Always Your Best Value

While warehouse stores might seem to be cheap because they have low priced frames, you will often pay more for lenses than at Moody Eyes. They also will charge you more for lens options. It’s often not your best value when you total you price out-the-door.


#4 – Buying Glasses should be as easy as 1-2-3

Our pricing is based on how Subway and other sandwich shops work:

  1. Select a frame
  2. Select a lens
  3. Select your lens options

Simple and straightforward. Our lenses are a higher index which makes them lighter, thinner, and clearer.  Plus, our lenses include scratch protection and premium non-glare coatings. at no additional charge. These will be an additional cost at most other eyeglass stores.  We have 3 convenient locations serving  Indianapolis, Carmel, Greenwood, Center Grove, Fishers, and surrounding areas.


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5 Things You Need to Know about Vision Insurance


5-Things You Need to Know about Vision Insurance

Vision insurance can be very complicated with some carriers have over 100 different plans. We have helped thousands of patients navigate through their benefits to get the best possible deal on glasses, contact lenses, and eye care. Therefore, here are 5 things you need to know about your vision insurance.

#1 – “Covered” does not mean “Paid For”

All insurance plans will provide a list of “covered” benefits. In vision care, this list could include your eye exam, contact lens evaluation and fitting, frames, lenses, and lens options. This does not mean the vision plan is going to pay for these benefits. Typically, there is a contracted co-pay or deductible you will be responsible for paying before the vision plan pays their portion, just like with health insurance.

#2 – Your Vision Plan may be different from your friend’s

Vision plan companies like VSP, EyeMed, and Superior, have many different policies they sell. Even within your company there may be different plans for various employee categories. We will pull your benefits so we both know exactly what is covered.

#3 – Moody Eyes did not negotiate your benefits

Your vision benefits were negotiated between your HR department and the insurance company. We provide you with vision care under your policy. We will be happy to show your negotiated policy benefits and help you maximize them.

#4 – Your Vision Plan may not be your best value

Some vision policies have great benefits…some do not. We will help you compare our Vision Club pricing to help you get your best value.

#5 – Your Vision Plan may not cover online purchases

Most vision plans are designed to be used in person. Online companies are not participating providers. This means typically you will have to pay and then file a claim with your insurance company for reimbursement. This is usually at a lower rate than if you use your vision benefits with us.


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Eye Care Designed for You

Eye Care Designed for You

I have now reached my late 60’s. My body is telling me I cannot continue to work at the pace I have in the past.  While I will continue to see patients on a regular schedule, I needed to ponder the next phase for Moody Eyes:

  1. How do I develop a team to provide our patients with the great eye care and personal touch they have come to expect from me?
  2. How do I communicate this to you in such a way that you will continue to come to us for your eye care, glasses, and contact lenses?

So I went to Our Core Beliefs…

An Exceptional Eye Care Experience for Every Patient

Exceptional eye care always starts with people. I have recruited top notch optometrists who are personable, skilled, and ready to take care of your precious gift of sight. I am happy to have Dr. Lambert, Dr. Swift, and Dr. Hudak (Click Here for Info on Our Doctors). Then I put together a great group of friendly, caring, and talented staff. I would trust my vision to this group without hesitation…and you can, too.

An Enjoyable and Inspiring Environment

I wanted an office environment you will love to visit again and again…

  • Frames laid out on tables so it is easy for you try them on.
  • Jazz music playing in the background with a pleasant scent in the air.
  • Lighting that gives you an “at home” feeling.

Updated Pricing that Saves You Money

We developed our “Deli” pricing model…

  • Choose a frame

    • We carry independent frame lines that give you amazing designs with top quality construction starting at just $55.
    • No frame is more than $275, including our European brands
  • Choose a lens

    • Typically, your doctor will prescribe the lenses that are best for you, but we have all the lens styles you will need.
    • Our lenses include the most common features that you will pay extra for at most optical stores…
      • Higher Index – for a thinner lens with clearer optics
      • Hard Coat – to help reduce lens scratches
      • AR Non-Glare – to reduce glare from lights, screens, etc.
  • Choose your lens options

    • Retina Shield – to block the blue light from monitors
    • Transitions® – lenses that change with sunlight
    • Polarized – prescription sunglasses you will love to wear

As an added benefit, our glasses have a 1-year warranty included so you do not have to worry in case of an accident.

I am proud of what Moody Eyes has become…the first choice for eye care in Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers, Greenwood, and the surrounding area.

Why don’t you schedule your next eye exam now? Or, just stop by to meet our staff and see what we’ve done. I believe you are going to love what you find.

Dr. Moody

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Frames and Lenses Complete $125

Dolabany Assus Eyeglass Frames

Frames and Lenses Complete…Just $125

Taking care of your eyes should be simple and affordable. When shopping for new glasses your choices are often limited to expensive independent optometrists, large optical chain stores, or cheap online sellers. Now you have a different optical option in Indianapolis…Moody Eyes.

Our “Deli” System for Buying Your New Eyeglasses Makes It as Easy as 1 -2 1 3

#1 – Select a Frame

You should have glasses you love to wear.. We avoid the well-known designers to bring you frames from independent designers with well-crafted designs at a lower cost. We pass that savings on to you. Our frames range from $55 to $175 when you use our Vision Club pricing.

#2 – Select a Lens

Your doctor will discuss your vision needs with you and prescribe the right lens for you. Whether you need single vision, bifocal, trifocals, or progressive no-lines, we have the lens for you at an amazing price. Single vision lenses with Non-Glare AR coating are $70.

#3 – Select Lens Options

You might want prescription sunglasses…we have amazing deals on these. Or, you might like the lenses that get dark in sunlight. Or, you may want to protect your eyes from the potentially harmful effects of blue light with our Retina Shield.

That’s it…1-2-3…and your new glasses will be ready for you within a few days. Frames and lenses complete $125…your best choice for looking great and seeing your best.

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or, Bring Us Your Doctor’s Prescription for Professional  Assistance


“Your World is Better When You See Better”


3 Reasons to Get Your Eyes Examined

People often ask me how often they should have their eyes examined. Typically you should have your eyes examined once a year. This is especially true if you have are being treated by a doctor for any health condition, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol.

We often find people put off getting their eyes examined for various reasons. This can seem like a smart way to save money on eye exams, glasses, or contact lenses. But, when you consider how much we spend on entertainment, dining at restaurants, and other things, doesn’t it make sense to invest in maintaining your gift of sight.

3 Reasons to Schedule Your Eye Exam Now

#1 – Blurry Vision

Whether you have trouble reading or seeing things far away, it is time to get your eyes examined.. Most of the time an updated glasses or contact lenses prescription will help you see better. If your issue is due to something else, we will help you get the care you need.

#2 – Broken Glasses / Out of Contact Lenses

When you are trying to wear broken glasses or you are wearing your contact lenses too long because you have run out, it is time to get your eyes examined. Wearing worn out glasses or contacts can not only strain your eyes, this can cause permanent damage to your eyes.

#3 – Headaches / Eyestrain

Your eyes are trying to get your attention when you develop headaches or eyestrain. They are telling you, “It’s time to get us checked out.”  Don’t disappoint them. Bring them in today to get an eye exam.

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Our Eye Doctors Are Ready to Care For Your Vision

Dr. Penn Moody

Southpointe:  Monday and Thursday                 Downtown:  Wednesday                Northside:  Tuesday and Friday


Dr. Jessica Lambert

Southpointe:  Wednesday and Friday                 Downtown:  Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday


Dr. Brian Swift

Southpointe:  Tuesday

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“Your World is Better When Your Vision is Better”

Use Your HSA for New Glasses or Contact Lenses

Did you know you can use your HSA for new glasses or contact lenses?

Many of our patients do not realize they can use their HSA for eye exams, new glasses, and contact lenses. Since most vision plans only cover a portion of the cost of eyeglasses and contact lenses this is a great way to purchase the new frames and lenses you want.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3…

  1. Schedule your eye exam online or by calling us at 317-883-1122
  2. Bring your HSA card with you to your exam
  3. Save money with your vision benefits and our Vision Club pricing

Eye Exams – Contact Lenses – Eyeglasses – Medical Eye Care

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