Many saw it coming a mile away, others were too distracted by the futuristic possibilities of the revolutionary product—whichever may be the case, one thing is for sure: Google Glass can strain the eyes. Dr Eli Peli, a Harvard optometrist tries to explain why the Glass tends to cause eyestrain. Here’s Beta Beat reporter Jack Smith IV and his take on the matter:

“After Betabeat tried Google Glass for the first time at Google HQ in New York, both writers experienced a sharp pain after about ten minutes, which went away shortly after we took it off.

On our second visit, we asked the team at Google Glass base camp in New York how they were managing the headache issue. They seemed baffled by the question. […]

As it turns out, the issue of Glass-associated pain goes back to the beginning of the project, starting with the decision to place Glass in the least comfortable area of the human field of vision.”

The Bottom Line

Dr. Peli offered that that many of the people who experienced this discomfort in the eye did so because they were using Glass contrary to how it is supposed to be used. According to him, the wearable tech was never intended to be used at length, but instead are meant only for micro interactions, such as when you need to look up directions or take a picture.

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Computer Vision

In any case, your eyes shouldn’t be exposed to any computer for lengthy periods, Glass or not. Eyestrain, headaches, and migraines are common among people who stare into monitors all day, which can lead to what is known as computer vision syndrome. With the Google Glass, it’s best to use this device only sparingly.

Protect your Eyes

If you want to walk around the most populous city in Indianapolis sporting your own Glass, make sure that you take precautions against the common causes of eye damage. For one, don’t forget to blink; take intervals of a few minutes away from your screen so your eyes don’t strain and dry out. If you have an existing condition, be sure to consult your Indianapolis eye doctor before using your Glass.

Never let your guard down when it comes to vision—always trust your local Indianapolis optometrist, like the ones from Moody Eyes who can give you a word of advice on how to avoid severe eye strain after wearing Glass. Don’t spoil the fun by neglecting to take care of your eyes while using new technology, such as Google Glass.

(Source: Google’s Eye Doctor Admits Glass Can Cause Pain, Beta Beat, May 19, 2014)