The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized the important role of optometrists in the realization of Vision 2020: The Right to Sight. Optometrists examine the eyes and other parts of the visual system; diagnose and treat visual problems; and manage diseases, injuries, and other eye disorders. They also prescribe eyeglasses and contact lenses as needed.

Global Antimicrobial Resistance

However, ensuring optimal eyesight is not easy, especially when common infections and diseases have become resistant to antibiotics. An Optometry Today article dated May 3, 2014 shares that antimicrobial resistance can be cause complications that could result to eyesight impairment:

“Dr Keiji Fukuda, WHO’s assistant director-general for health security, offered a stark warning of the situation: “Without urgent, co-ordinated action by many stakeholders, the world is headed for a post-antibiotic era, in which common infections and minor injuries which have been treatable for decades can once again kill.”

Also highlighted is the increasing resistance in Neissera gonorrhoeae, the bacterium responsible for gonorrhoea and which can cause eye infections and even blindness in newborns. The sexually transmitted disease is increasing in prevalence, with WHO data from 2008 estimated 106 million new cases worldwide. Widespread resistance to antibiotics such as penicillin and tetracycline was seen in the 1980s, the WHO data reports that the last line of drugs used to treat it have failed in 10 countries, including Australia, Japan and the UK.”

This matter makes your trusted Indianapolis optometrist and other eye care professionals play an increasingly important role now more than ever. Families are advised to regularly consult their eye care providers to make sure that their eyesight is in perfect condition and to detect any infection or disorder at an early stage.

The progress of global antimicrobial resistance of pathogens, though a setback in the fight to keep the world a safer and healthier place to live, opens an opportunity for people to unite, be vigilant, and take necessary steps to live a more active lifestyle. People can discern what kind of foods they should eat and shouldn’t. They can also take measures to prevent the contraction of diseases such as taking vitamins, being clean and observing personal hygiene, and exercising.

However, in cases where an infection or disorder to the eye is detected, Indianapolis eyeglasses providers like Moody Eyes, can help address the problem through proper prescription of glasses and medical treatment. It is important to note that early detection is what eye doctors need to lay out all available options so they can prevent or correct impaired eyesight.

(Source: WHO warns of rise in global antimicrobial resistance, Optometry Today, May 3, 2014)