American Eyewear Gives Veterans a Second Chance

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Born in Nashville to Service the American Lifestyle. More than JUST American Jobs!

American Eyewear gives veterans a second chance while manufacturing a great frame you will be proud to wear. While our first idea was to make super high-end luxury frames, we quickly learned that in the Ultra Luxury Market people would prefer that the frames be made in France or Germany.

EVERYONE deserves an American Manufactured Frame. And the folks that cared about American jobs were the people in the middle. The hard working Americans that went to work everyday and wanted to support an industry that was supporting them. That is when we really started to see success.

Our Story Is Really About Our Employees

This leads to the story that wasn’t ours to tell. The story that we didn’t feel was important to share. We were wrong.  The guys have come and asked us to tell the story. They have asked to let the world know what we do and who we ALL are. They want us to help share hope.

We hired Brandon a few years ago. He turned out to be ridiculously hard working. Over time, we discovered about his recovery from drugs and alcohol. Then we discovered the impossible situation these kids face trying to get a job of any kind. We learned that it is almost impossible to start over. Brandon eventually moved on and is running the Sober House Program, he is also the unofficial head of our HR department. Before leaving Brandon replaced himself with a Vet.

This man was injured in service to his country and through the military became addicted to pain pills. He followed the wrong path for awhile before pulling himself up by the bootstraps and getting himself clean and sober. No one would hire him! He was injured serving you and me and no one would give him a chance! HE was brave so WE are free.

American Eyewear Gives Veterans a Second Chance

We decided our guys in the factory would be hired from Recovery programs. There is actually a waiting list to work in our factory! Our first Vet is still with us and one of the strongest men that anyone will ever meet.  He brings us together. We all get so much from each other. They have a built in support network for hard days because everyone is in the same boat and working the same steps.  Our dogs come to work to help with the difficult days by being soft and loving and fetching a ball.

So every time you purchase a frame, you help support not just a fellow American but an American that needs a second chance.

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